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Single Rose - Add-on Product Only

Single Rose - Add-on Product Only

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Same Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery Guaranteed When You Order Before 3 PM.


Care Tips

  • Change the water entirely every 2-3 days
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before you put them in a vase
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light
  • Use "flower food" for most flowers
  • Use sharp scissors when cutting
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With the colorful exclusive roses from Toy Florist, discover a range of emotions. Every color, from the soothing blues to the passionate reds, conveys a different emotion, making it easy to communicate your emotions. These vibrant blooms are a palette of emotions just waiting to be expressed; they are more than just flowers. Allow Toy Florist's single roses to provide vibrant colors to your special moments.

Our Single Rose

Our Single Rose collection is a collection of single roses that Toy Florist has carefully chosen and presented. Roses are a kind and expressive present because each one has its beauty and significance. A concentrated and powerful portrayal of feelings, such as love, purity, or a particular sensation, is made possible by the focus on a single flower. Freshness, symbolism, and the artistry of simplicity define this collection, which offers clients a special and customized way to express feelings.

Our Collections

Winter Collection

Our gorgeous Floral Winter Collection will fascinate you with the mesmerizing charm of winter. Carefully made organic centerpieces with cedar and spruce boughs can turn any area into a winter paradise. Every time you look at these pieces, you will be transported back to the beauty and joy of the season, elevating your holiday décor and making them the center of attention for your joyous events.

Pumpkin Arrangements

Add rustic elegance to your environment and welcome the warmth of fall with our Pumpkin Arrangements. Every arrangement perfectly conveys the coziness and warm colors of fall, bringing the outdoors in.

Signature Collection

Experience the incomparable elegance of our Signature Collection, a thoughtfully chosen collection of captivating bouquets and floral arrangements. Every additional item is an authentic work of art, exhibiting a special combination of flowers and foliage to produce a present that is both memorable and unique.

Floral Box Arrangements

With our lovely Love Collection, which includes classy floral box arrangements and delicate bouquets of pink roses shaped like hearts, you may honor the strength and beauty of love. Beautiful bouquets that convey your devotion are available in this carefully curated collection.

Love Collection

With our charming Love Collection, honor the timeless beauty of love. You may express your devotion in style with these exquisite bouquets, which include elegant floral box arrangements and delicate heart-shaped rose bouquets.

Under $100

Try our reasonably regular-priced solutions to spread happiness without going over your budget. Select from more than ten exquisite rose arrangements, each one created to add refinement and joy to any setting.

Basket Arrangements

View our beautifully designed Basket Arrangements, ideal and delightful presents for a range of events. These arrangements are a lovely option for rose gifts since they bring a little beauty to any setting.


Check out this option to send your sympathies. Carefully planned plans are a polite and consoling approach to support someone through a trying period.

Wedding Collection

Our Wedding ceremony Collection, which includes a variety of floral arrangements fit for this happy event, will elevate your wedding reception Remember that three to five calendar days before the desired timeframe, things from the bridal collection should be ordered.

Rose Bears

Fall in love with the distinct appeal of our durable imitation flowers shaped like cuddly Teddy bears. Because of its exquisite packaging, each 40cm (15.74-inch) bear is a great and long-lasting present for a variety of romantic occasions.

Gifts & Add-On Products

Look through our selection of Gifts and Add-On Items to go with the flowers you've selected. Custom cards and chocolates may make gift-giving more memorable and offer a unique touch to any occasion.

Toy Florist Gift Card

With a floral gift card from Toy Florist, you can give yourself or a loved one the flexibility to choose. Our gift cards are delivered via email and include simple usage instructions for when you check out.

Why Choose Us for Your Single Rose?

Elegant Selection

Our selection of single roses includes a variety of flowers that have been hand-selected for their classic elegance and beauty. Because each blossom rose is a symbol of elegance, it's the ideal pick for people who value subtle and elegant gestures.

Freshness Guarantee

Our top priority is the freshness of our purple roses, so when your single red rose arrives, it will be at its best—radiating color and encapsulating all of its inherent beauty. Our dedication to freshness ensures a pleasant and memorable encounter.

Expressive Symbolism

Beyond just being beautiful, our flowers have deep symbolic meaning. With the timeless beauty of a single white rose you can use each rose to bloom as a conduit for feelings of love, appreciation, or other profound statements.

Personalization Options

Make your present unique by choosing from a range of colors like pink color, white color, yellow color, etc. With this customization option, you can add a thoughtful and unique touch to your gesture by selecting a color that corresponds with the occasion or the recipient's preferences.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Your single rose will be treated by our florists with care and skill, turning it from a simple flower into a masterfully created work of art. Our expert craftsmanship adds a dimension of beauty and intricacy to the arrangement, starting with the thoughtful selection of blossoms.

Prompt and Reliable Delivery

Understanding how important it is to make gifts on time, we offer dependable and fast schedule delivery services. The effect of your thoughtful and well-selected present will be amplified when your single rose arrives at its location on schedule.

Versatile Collections

We have a wide choice of collections to suit different moods and events. Our adaptable collections provide options that fit different moods and festivities, whether you're going for the traditional romanticism of a red rose or the distinctive appeal of a less traditional color.

Memorable Gift Giving

Choosing us is more than just picking a flower—it's about crafting an unforgettable experience. Your single rose is a special and treasured present that will stay with the receiver because of its natural beauty and careful preservation.

Transparent and Honest Service

Our service is based on honesty and transparency. To empower you to make an informed choice and feel confident in the quality and authenticity of the single rose you have selected, we offer precise and clear information on our flowers.

Lasting Impressions

We hope that our single rose will leave a lasting impression rather than just being just present. Our roses' beauty, freshness, and emotional resonance make sure that the recipients of this kind of act remember it for a long time.


  1. Are there any care instructions provided with the single rose?

    Definitely, we think it's important to keep your single rose looking as bright and fresh as possible. Every delivery request comes with a care card that contains comprehensive instructions. To prolong your rose's beauty, trim the stem as soon as it arrives, submerge it in freshwater, and store it in a cool area.

  2. Are there any additional charges for gift wrapping?

    No, we recognize how important it is to deliver your gift properly. Thus, gift wrapping is included at no extra cost. Every single rose order comes with gift wrapping, so you can be sure your gift is tastefully arranged and prepared to leave a memorable impression.

  3. Are there any discounts or promotions for the Single Rose collection?

    For our Single Rose line, we do occasionally run sales and promotions. Please check our website's promotions page to remain up to date on these fantastic offers. Here are the specifics of current sales, limited-time discounts, and ways to improve your use of our Single Rose collection. Look for special offers that complement your considerate action with an additional layer of refinement.

  4. Can I order a single rose for delivery on a specific date in the future?

    Definitely! We are aware of how crucial timing is, particularly on special occasions. You can choose a specific delivery time and date for your single rose order during the checkout process. Make a plan and be confident that your kind gift will come at the exact moment you want it to, giving it even more meaning.

  5. What is the average lifespan of a single rose from Toy Florist?

    We take great care in the selection procedure, taking into account the average lifespan of our single roses. These colorful and fresh flowers can survive for five to seven days on average. With every delivery, we provide a care card that offers straightforward yet practical instructions on how to maintain the beauty of your single rose for as long as possible, maximizing its longevity. The freshness and attractiveness of a rose can be preserved with proper care, such as cutting off the stem and soaking it in clean water.


Send Love in Bloom!

Are you ready to express your feelings in a captivating way? Send love in bloom by selecting a single rose from Toy Florist. Contact us now at Toy Florist and make every moment memorable.