Florist North York

Florist North York

Enter a place where bouquets are not only typical but extraordinary. Every single bloom resembles a brushstroke that paints feelings onto a canvas. We at Toy Florist are more than just your typical floral shop. We produce memories that will last a lifetime. Our plans transform happenings into treasured recollections. Visit Toy Florist and explore the power of florist North York Ontario as a language that speaks to the heart.
Our Collections
Winter Collection
Explore the magic of winter with our beautiful Floral Winter Collection. You can lose yourself in the season's charm with arrangements that accentuate the beauty of cedar and spruce branches. Our entrancing winter masterpieces elevate your holiday décor and bring the tranquil spirit of a winter forest into your living area. They serve as organic and elegant focal points. Savor the elegance and delight that this season has to offer with every glance.
Pumpkin Arrangements
With our Pumpkin Arrangements, enjoy the coziness and charm of fall. These unique creations capture the coziness of autumn by combining seasonal flowers and vivid colors into striking displays shaped like pumpkins. With these arrangements, you can perfectly infuse any place with a touch of elegance and coziness while also embracing the spirit of the season.
Signature Collection
Discover the beauty of floral design with our Signature Collection. This collection's arrangements are all masterpieces, carefully chosen to showcase the best and most unusual flowers. As evidence of our commitment to crafting floral arrangements that make a lasting impression and are genuinely distinctive and unforgettable, the Signature Collection features both sophisticated single-flower displays and colorful mixed bouquets.
Floral Box Arrangements
With our Floral Box Arrangements, you can start your road toward masterful gifting. This painstakingly constructed symphony of flowers is housed within these exquisitely designed boxes. These Floral Box Arrangements make a thoughtful and lovely surprise for any occasion. They're also a great way to show appreciation, happiness, or thankfulness.
Love Collection
Discover the mysteries of gifting with our Love Collection as your guide. These beautifully made boxes include a well-planned and curated symphony of flowers. For any occasion, our Floral Box Arrangements are great surprises and are the ideal way to show gratitude, appreciation, or happiness.
Under $100
With our Under $100 Collection, you can make someone's day happier without spending a fortune. Pick from more than ten affordable options that are suitable for every kind of event. These magnificent yet reasonably priced bouquets are meant to make people smile and feel better about themselves.
Basket Arrangements
Look into our Basket Arrangements to see beautifully arranged flowers tucked inside quaint weaved baskets. These arrangements have a cozy, fashionable feel about them, which makes them ideal for giving or bringing a bit of rustic charm into your house.
Send our Sympathy Collection along with your sympathies. When words fail, these carefully thought-out arrangements are meant to provide comfort and a kind gesture. Designed to offer consolation and assistance during trying times, our Sympathy Collection conveys your sincere condolences.
Wedding Collection
Check out our Wedding Collection to make your wedding day one to remember. It should be noted that three to five calendar days in advance, pre-orders are required for all bridal collections. A collection of flower arrangements from The Wedding Collection is intended to add beauty and elegance to your wedding day.
Rose Bears
Explore the distinct charm of our Rose Bears. These adorable teddy bears are a unique and enduring present because they are made from durable artificial roses. These beautifully wrapped 40cm (15.74 inch) gems are ideal for adding elegance to any environment.
Gifts & Add-On Products
Use our selection of Gifts and add-on Products to give your flower arrangement a unique touch. Select from a range of extras to personalize your present and add emotive elements like chocolates or note cards.
Toy Florist Gift Card
Give a Toy Florist Floral Gift Card to someone important to allow them the freedom to choose for themselves or yourself.
These gift cards are delivered easily by email, include simple redemption instructions that are straightforward to follow during the checkout process and are simple to redeem.
Why Choose Us as your Florist in North York?
Beautiful Floral Creations
At Toy Florist, we consider floral arrangements to be more than just bouquets; they are works of art. Our talented florists in North York take great care in creating each arrangement, guaranteeing that each bloom is a stunning work of art that pleases the senses and makes the recipient happy.
Diverse Collections for Every Occasion
Toy Florist provides an extensive range of arrangements fit for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations in North York since it understands the significance of every moment. A careful curation goes into each collection to convey the various feelings connected to the North York incident.
Local Florists, Global Standards
Toy Florist is a North York-based business that customizes every floral arrangement. In addition to having extensive training, our local florists take great pleasure in helping the community by producing arrangements that not only fulfill but also surpass global requirements for floral design excellence.
Personalized Service
Toy Florist is dedicated to giving you a personalized experience because we respect your preferences. Our North York team is committed to realizing your vision, whether that means incorporating a personalized message, altering a design, or meeting certain needs.
Quality Assurance
At Toy Florist, ensuring the excellence and freshness of each bloom is our first concern. Our flowers are chosen with great care, and every arrangement is subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standards are met. Your pleasure with the quality of the flowers you receive in North York is our main priority.
Creative Floral Solutions
Toy Florist provides contemporary floral solutions to keep ahead of fashion. From bold and modern bouquets to creatively present ideas like Rose Bears, we constantly bring innovation to North York's traditional floristry.
Customer-Centric Approach
Toy Florist is committed to giving our North York clients a smooth and joyful experience. Your pleasure is our first concern, and we work hard to surpass your expectations whenever possible, from perusing our collections to getting efficient customer service.
Transparent Pricing
You should expect clear and honest pricing from Toy Florist. We think it's important to give customers in North York a clear understanding of the price of the flower arrangements and services they can expect.
Community Engagement
Selecting Toy Florist entails helping a company that is deeply rooted in and committed to serving the North York neighborhood. We take great satisfaction in the important contributions we make to the community, turning your flower experience into more than just a transaction.
  1. Is same-day delivery available in North York? 

    Toy Florist is aware of the significance of prompt delivery. With our North York same-day delivery service, you can surprise your loved ones on important occasions without having to wait around. To check on availability and learn more about the easy convenience of same-day delivery, please get in touch with us.

  2. How does Toy Florist ensure the freshness of its flowers in North York? 

    At Toy Florist, we're proud to provide our clients in North York with only the freshest flowers. Our talented florists carefully choose only the best flowers, and we make sure that every arrangement is a monument to freshness and vitality by conducting rigorous quality checks at every stage of the process. Our top goal is to make sure you are happy with the vivid and fresh flowers that Toy Florist delivers.

  3. Can I schedule a future delivery date for my order in North York? 

    We are aware that organizing ahead of time is essential for important occasions. During the purchase procedure, Toy Florist gives you the option to choose a future delivery date. Your festivities in North York will be even more memorable thanks to this function, which lets you plan and make sure your carefully selected flowers arrive on time.

  4. Are there any promotions or discounts for North York residents at Toy Florist? 

    Yes, we at Toy Florist are grateful for the community's support in North York. We regularly provide specials and exclusive discounts just for residents because of this. To take advantage of special offers meant to make your floral experiences in North York more joyful, stay up to date by visiting our website or getting in touch with us directly.

  5. How does Toy Florist engage with the North York community?

    Toy Florist's core ideals revolve around community engagement. Since we see our business as an essential component of the North York community, we actively engage in and give back to it. By using Toy Florist, you may support charitable causes in North York in addition to receiving lovely floral arrangements. It's a significant link to the community rather than just a transaction.

Make every occasion truly special with Toy Florist!
Choose us for the quality and freshness of our flowers, plus enjoy the extra satisfaction of giving back to the North York community. Beyond just flowers, your decision will have a significant impact on both the local community and your memorable moments. Contact us now at Toy Florist!


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