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Welcome to Toy Florist, Toronto's premier florist specializing in bespoke floral arrangements and distinctive gifts. Our passion for flowers goes beyond the ordinary, as we take pride in creating custom arrangements that reflect your unique style and preferences. 
What distinguishes Toy Florist from ordinary florists in Toronto is our truly magical ability to create breathtaking floral masterpieces. Imagine enchanting box arrangements and intricate designs, tailor-made to elevate your special celebrations with vibrancy. Our skilled local florists excel in curating arrangements bursting with lively blooms and exquisite greenery, utilizing only the freshest, top-tier flowers to ensure your complete satisfaction through our Toronto flower arrangement and delivery.
At Toy Florist, meticulous care goes into selecting every blossom, guaranteeing freshness and excellence. Our skilled florists are committed to imbuing creativity into each arrangement. Embark on a journey into the world of floral design with Toy Florist and uncover the impeccable fusion of elegance and individuality woven into every creation.
About The City of Toronto
The Vibrant History of Toronto
Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada, boasts a rich history that spans centuries. Originally inhabited by Indigenous peoples, including the Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Anishinaabeg, the region became a focal point for European exploration in the 17th century. French traders established Fort Rouillé in the mid-18th century, but it was the British who ultimately gained control in 1763. Throughout the 19th century, Toronto experienced rapid growth, evolving from a small colonial outpost into a bustling city fueled by immigration and economic expansion. 
The completion of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856 further accelerated its development. Toronto played a crucial role in the Underground Railroad, providing refuge for escaped slaves. In the 20th century, the city emerged as a major financial and cultural hub, hosting the 1967 International and Universal Exposition (Expo 67) and later becoming a diverse metropolis known for its multiculturalism. Today, Toronto stands as a vibrant and dynamic city, reflecting its diverse heritage and ongoing commitment to progress.
Unique Arts and Recreation in Toronto
Toronto, a vibrant and culturally diverse city, offers a myriad of unique arts and recreation opportunities. The city is home to world-class museums such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum, showcasing diverse collections spanning from Canadian and Indigenous art to ancient civilizations. 
Theater enthusiasts can indulge in the renowned Toronto Fringe Festival or catch a performance at the historic Royal Alexandra Theatre. For an even more creative and unique atmosphere, Toronto's Distillery District provides a charming backdrop for art galleries, studios, and theaters set amidst cobblestone streets. 
For outdoor enthusiasts, the Toronto Islands offer a tranquil escape with beaches, bike trails, and stunning skyline views. Additionally, the city hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from film and literature to music and food, ensuring there's always something unique and enriching for residents and visitors alike.
Get Flowers at The Heart of Toronto Village
When you choose to get flowers from our talented florist in Toronto, you're opting for a floral experience crafted with care, attention to detail, and a local touch of artistry. Our florists take pride in their skills, handpicking the freshest blooms to create beautiful arrangements tailored to various occasions. We understand the local community and its unique preferences, infusing creativity into each bouquet for a personalized touch that truly stands out. 
By supporting our local florist, you not only receive a bouquet of exceptional quality but also play a part in nurturing the vitality of the community, creating a sense of connection and shared beauty. Whether it's for celebrations, expressions of love, or moments of sympathy, our skilled florists in Toronto are committed to turning flowers into meaningful, heartfelt gestures.
How Do You Order Flowers For Delivery to Toronto?
Experience the utmost convenience when ordering flower deliveries to Toronto, Ontario, with Toy Florist. We offer three hassle-free methods to place your order:
  1. Our website is accessible 24/7 for online orders, and our phone lines are open during regular business hours, ensuring flexibility and ease in fulfilling your floral needs. Explore our stunning floral arrangements on our website, where you can effortlessly choose your favorite flowers and add them to your cart with a simple click.
  2. For a more personalized touch, connect with a skilled florist in Toronto by dialing (416) 618 0633. 
  3. Alternatively, reach out to us via email. 
Whether you choose same-day delivery or prefer a later date, you can trust Toy Florist as your reliable Toronto florist to meet your floral needs. Still have questions? You can also contact us from our website.
Fresh Flower Delivery in Toronto
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