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Luxury Red Rose Bouquet with Diamond

Luxury Red Rose Bouquet with Diamond

Indulge in the elegance of our Luxury Rose Bouquet with Diamond Roses, a masterpiece crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Each bouquet features hand-selected, premium roses known for their exceptional beauty and fragrance. Perfect for any special occasion, our Luxury Red Rose Bouquet is designed to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Elegantly decorated with sparkling diamonds and golden butterflies, this bouquet exudes opulence and sophistication. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, expressing your love, or simply wanting to add a touch of luxury to your day, this bouquet is the epitome of charm and grandeur. Experience the best in floral artistry with our Luxury Rose Bouquet, available for same-day delivery to ensure your gift arrives fresh and flawless.

Premium Long Stem (60-70 cm) Ecuadorian Luxury Red Roses create an exquisite and timeless display, heightened by delicate butterflies and sparkling diamonds. Perfect for any celebratory event, these beautiful flowers will enhance any interior with a touch of sophisticated glamour. Truly luxurious bouquet.

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Care Tips

  • Change the water entirely every 2-3 days
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before you put them in a vase
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light
  • Use "flower food" for most flowers
  • Use sharp scissors when cutting
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At Toy Florist, you are invited to enter a world of unmatched beauty where the appeal of luxury and the beautiful grace of nature coexist in perfect harmony. Expect to be captivated by our unique line of blooms, the breathtaking "Diamond Rose." Each bloom is a work of art, meticulously designed to capture an original combination of luxurious appeal and natural beauty. Allow the amazing allure of the Diamond Rose to tell a story as you set out on your magical trip with Toy Florist.

Our Diamond Rose

Our Premium Long Stem Ecuadorian Roses are sophisticated and will add a touch of elegance to any environment. They are expertly chosen to make an elegant and classic arrangement. These exquisite blooms are the height of luxury, enhanced by delicate butterflies and glittering diamonds. This exquisite bouquet exudes refined elegance and is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a celebration or just a way to add some glitz to any interior design.

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Toy Florist Gift Card

A Floral Gift Card from Toy Florist will allow you or a loved someone to enjoy the freedom of selection.

These special gift cards are delivered via email and include simple-to-follow redemption instructions for the online store.

Why Choose Us for Your Diamond Rose?

Beautiful Quality workmanship

Every Diamond Rose at Toy Florist is expertly crafted, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Our artists create masterpieces of unmatched artistry with each bloom, fusing the natural beauty of roses with the dazzle of diamonds.

Timeless Elegance

Our brilliant Diamond Roses are made to be a timeless representation of your feelings because we understand the value of moments that last a lifetime. These roses, which have been specially treated to maintain their beauty forever, become a priceless and enduring symbol of love.

Luxurious Presentation

We take great pride in presenting our Diamond Roses with the ultimate elegance, even beyond their natural beauty. Every component, from the expertly designed package to the flawless delivery procedure, is chosen to exude elegance and superior quality.

Unique Brilliance

Our Diamond Roses radiate a distinct brilliance from each petal, which is adorned with fine diamond dust. These roses are made unique by the slight shimmer that gives a sense of magic.

Customization Options

Let Toy Florist help you make your Diamond Rose experience unique. Pick from a range of hues and designs to make the outfit ideal for the situation. Make your gift specially personalized to express your feelings by adding personalized notes or choosing from our pre-designed cards.

Secure and Convenient

Buying a Diamond Rose from Toy Florist is a safe and easy process. Our easy-to-use website and smooth checkout procedure are made to make sure that purchasing one of our beautiful roses is just as enjoyable as giving it away.

Symbolism of Love

Our Diamond Roses capture the deep meaning of love, whether you're celebrating an anniversary, showing your love, or commemorating a special occasion. Every bloom transforms into a sentimental and profound act that expresses feelings beyond words.

Dedicated Customer Service

At Toy Florist, client happiness comes first. You can count on our committed customer care team to be there for you every step of the way, from the moment you select a Diamond Rose to its safe and prompt delivery.


  1. How long do Diamond Roses last?

    A thorough preservation procedure is used to create a collection of diamond roses, guaranteeing their endurance. With the right care, these roses can retain their inherent beauty for an extended period. Because of their resilience, they are a treasured and enduring expression of love that you can enjoy for a long time without having to worry about them fading or wilting.

  2. Are the diamonds on Diamond Roses real?

    The diamonds on Diamond Roses are fine diamond dust rather than traditional jewels. This finely crushed diamond dust is sprinkled on the petals strategically, giving the petals a delicate yet alluring sheen even though the stones may not be enormous. The roses' distinctive and opulent attractiveness is further enhanced by the addition of diamond dust, which also makes them more visually appealing.

  3. Do Diamond Roses have a fragrance?

    Diamond roses do not lose their natural scent. The wonderful scent of the roses remains unaffected by the preservation technique employed to prolong their life. You may savor the alluring aroma of Diamond Roses in addition to their stunning visual brilliance, offering a multisensory experience that heightens their total appeal.

  4. Do Diamond Roses come with a warranty?

    We at Toy Florist are proud of the durability and excellence of our Diamond Roses. We are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied, even though the exact terms of the warranty may differ. We invite you to peruse our extensive warranty policy, which is normally supplied with your purchase or may be accessed on our website. We want you to have complete faith in the timeless beauty of our Canadian Diamond Roses, and we stand by the superb craftsmanship and exceptional quality that characterize our collection. For individualized help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our committed customer support team if you have any particular queries about the warranty for Toy Florist's Diamond Roses.

  5. How do I care for a Diamond Rose?

    A Diamond Rose requires little maintenance. The low-maintenance nature of these preserved roses is intentional. Keep them away from moisture and direct sunshine to preserve their beauty. Avoid manipulating the delicate petals excessively to avoid any potential damage. You can prolong the elegance of your Diamond Rose and make it a hassle-free, classic present by adhering to these simple care guidelines.

Capture hearts with sparkle!

With the glittering attraction of Diamond Roses, create memories that will last a lifetime. To make your particular moment truly unforgettable, pick the ideal flower. Contact us now at Toy Florist to add some glitz to your celebrations.