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Butterfly Fresh Flower Box Arrangement

Butterfly Fresh Flower Box Arrangement

Unique butterfly shaped flower box filled with an assortment of fresh seasonal flowers. Size 14x14 inch. Flowers are sourced from local farms and from Holland.

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Care Tips

  • Change the water entirely every 2-3 days
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before you put them in a vase
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light
  • Use "flower food" for most flowers
  • Use sharp scissors when cutting
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Toy Florist introduces the "Flower With Butterfly" collection, a lovely blend of playful appeal and the elegance of nature, into the enchanted world of floral beauty. The arrangements in this collection are expertly crafted to add a magical touch to your memorable occasions. Discover the charm of flowers and butterflies that create an extraordinary arrangement of color and elegance.

Our Flower with Butterfly

Explore our exclusive flower box in the shape of a colorful butterfly, filled to the brim with seasonal, fresh flowers. Measuring 14 by 14 inches, this unique arrangement features flowers that were purchased locally as well as from the lovely fields of Holland.

What Sets Toy Florist Apart?

Creative Ideas for Flowers

We at Toy Florist take great delight in expanding the possibilities for flower design. Our group is committed to presenting cutting-edge ideas that enthrall and motivate. Every visit to Toy Florist is guaranteed to be a wonderful voyage into the extraordinary thanks to our dedication to innovation, which includes anything from original arrangements that embrace modern trends to creative mixes of colors and textures.

Sustainable Floral Practices

Toy Florist's floral approach is based on sustainability, which goes beyond simple practices. We go above and beyond by utilizing environmentally friendly procedures in all stages of our sourcing and preservation. By using Toy Florist, you're supporting a more ecologically friendly and sustainable approach to the art of gift-giving in addition to choosing lovely flowers.

Tailored to Every Occasion

Toy Florist stands out mostly for our ability to recognize and honor the special qualities of every occasion. Whether it's a happy reunion, a condolence note, or a proclamation of love, our arrangements are carefully designed to speak to the particular feelings of the occasion. Since every work is a unique expression, you can be sure that your feelings will be expressed elegantly and beautifully.

Exceptional Floral Quality

At Toy Florist, quality is a commitment, not merely a standard. We carefully choose only the best flowers from nearby farms and internationally recognized flower farms while curating our arrangements. Every arrangement is guaranteed to be a true masterpiece and the height of floral workmanship thanks to this commitment to outstanding floral quality.

Transparent and Honest Communication

At Toy Florist, we value open and truthful communication. We want to earn our consumers' trust by being honest and upfront about everything from pricing to product details. Our top goal is earning your trust in each Toy Florist creation's genuineness and caliber.

Why Choose Us for Flower With Butterfly Arrangements?

Artistry in Nature's Embrace

Our Flower With Butterfly Arrangements are more than just flower arrangements—they're representations of the beauty of nature. A visual poetry that captivates the viewer is created by each arrangement, which showcases the painstaking workmanship that goes into capturing the exquisite harmony between flowers and butterflies.

Symbolic Significance

Beyond only being aesthetically pleasing, our Flower With Pink Butterfly Arrangements have deep symbolic significance. We pick flowers and butterflies with care to express feelings of beauty, metamorphosis, and love. Your unique occasions get depth and emotional meaning when each arrangement becomes a story, a symbolic statement.

Versatility in Style

Toy Florist is aware that people have different tastes in style. We accommodate a wide range of tastes with our Butterfly Flower Arrangements. Our assortment includes several styles to guarantee you find the ideal arrangement that complements your particular taste and the event, whether you're going for a more modern look or classic elegance.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our flower designs are fundamentally crafted. Every Flower With Butterfly Arrangement is carefully made, paying close attention to every last detail. Because of our dedication to quality, every floral butterfly in our arrangement is meticulously positioned, resulting in an amazing arrangement that also serves as a monument to the amount of labor that goes into it.

Personalized Touch

Toy Florist gives your Flower With Blue Butterfly Arrangement a personalized touch since they understand that every event is different. Make your bouquet uniquely yours by personalizing it to express particular feelings and adding a unique touch to your floral arrangement.

Expert Sourcing

We take great satisfaction in finding the best flowers to use in our arrangements. Every flower is carefully selected from well-known Dutch fields and nearby farms. Our dedication to professional sourcing guarantees that our Flower With White Butterfly Arrangements feature the best and most recent flowers, adding to the arrangement's total perfection.

Enchanting Moments

Selecting Toy Florist ensures magical moments each time. Our Flower With Yellow Butterfly Arrangements are designed to captivate and leave a lasting impression. Our arrangements provide magic to any occasion, be it a celebration, a loving gesture, or a moment of reflection.

Customer-Centric Experience

Toy Florist is dedicated to offering a customer-centric experience. Our priority is your satisfaction from the moment you start the selection process until your arrangement is delivered on time. Our customer-centric strategy is built on three key pillars: hassle-free service, clear communication, and attentive help.


  1. How long do the flowers in the arrangements last

    Depending on the kind of flowers used, our Flower With Butterfly arrangements have varying lifespans. If you take good care of them, which includes changing the water frequently and storing them in a cool place, the arrangement should last for one to two weeks.

  2. Are there any allergy considerations for the Flower With Butterfly arrangements?

    Please let us know about any allergies you or the recipient may have when placing your order. Even though the butterflies in our arrangements are fake, certain people could be allergic to particular blooms. We'll do everything in our power to address allergy concerns by substituting appropriate vibrant flowers.

  3. Do you provide care instructions for maintaining the Flower With Butterfly arrangements?

    Yes, each arrangement of Flowers with Butterflies includes thorough care instructions. We advise putting the arrangement in a cool place, changing the water frequently, and keeping it out of direct sunlight to preserve the durability and freshness of the colored flowers. Maintaining the elegance of your arrangement can be achieved by according to these principles.

  4. Are the Flower With Butterfly arrangements suitable for outdoor events?

    Although our Flower With Butterfly arrangements are meant to be enjoyed indoors, they can also be shown outside in moderate weather. However, as this can affect the arrangement's quality and longevity, it's crucial to keep it out of the sun and from being exposed to harsh weather.

  5. Can I schedule a specific delivery time for my Flower With Butterfly arrangement?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to ensure precise delivery times. On the other hand, you can select your chosen delivery date when placing your order. To add a little magic to your special occasion, we will do all in our power to make sure your purple Flower With Butterfly arrangement is delivered on or around the chosen day.

Give something extraordinary with our Butterfly and Flower Collection!

Explore the breathtaking beauty that exceeds the imagination. Please contact us at Toy Florist, where every arrangement is a work of art, for a consultation that is specifically customized to your floral preferences.